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Soft & Strong...
Sumo Survives the Stomp.

Sumo's San Francisco roots inspired our durable line of bags and cases. We use reliable materials that are soft to the touch and constructed to last. Sumo's products are made with a simple credo in mind: build modern solutions for busy, creative people who want to hold their stuff in ease and style.

There's a "take it anywhere" mindset to Sumo: your laptop and other digital electronics go from office to home to weekend trips, so we think their outerwear should enjoy the journey, too.

Fusing fashion savvy with durable design, Sumo's collection of iPod cases, laptop carrying cases and accessories are designed for the modern individual with both sensibility and style. Sumo products are soft, and lovable, yet offer tough and sturdy protection - kind of like the protection a Sumo wrestler would afford.

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